Classes for every unique body to connect with

breath, mind, heart, spirit and community

(PLEASE NOTE: Our classes run for 60 minutes at a room temperature of 20-24 degrees Celsius unless otherwise stipulated.)




  • Casual Class - $18

  • Unlimited Classes - $33 per week (no lock-in contract - fortnightly direct debit)  

  • 5 Class Pass - $85 (to be used within 3 months)

  • 1 Month Unlimted Classes - $140

  • 10 Class Pass - $170 (to be used within 6 months)


PLEASE NOTE: booking your place through the MindBody app or website is ESSENTIAL to hold your place and avoid disappointment.




'When you own your breath, no one can steal your peace.'

Slowly and mindfully flowing through a series of standing and floor poses, synchronising breath and movement whilst building strength, balance and mobility, the reflective pace of this Hatha practice creates time to go inwards providing space to uniquely experience what each pose and transition has to offer.

* Suitable for new and experienced practitioners


Our variations include 'Vinyasa Sunrise,'

'Yoga Flow' & 'Foundational Flow'

'Movement is the song of the body.'

This moderately paced practice aligns action with breath, cultivating an awareness that connects each movement to the next through a flowing sequence of Sun Salutations and standing and floor poses. The creative style of Vinyasa offers much including, but not limited to, increased flexibility, muscle development, bone health, cardiovascular conditioning and mental focus. 


* Suitable for new and experienced practitioners


Our variations include 'Fire Flow' & 'Yoga Zest'

'The most powerful force on Earth is the human soul on fire.'

This modern style of Vinyasa Yoga attunes breath, mind and movement through dynamic flows designed to build internal heat (tapas), stamina, strength and stability. An invigorating practice of Sun Salutations and empowering stretches work your entire body, increasing cardio output, relieving tension and energising you on every level.


* Suitable for new and experienced practitioners

* Not recommended for pregnant practitioners


'Extremes are easy. Strive for balance.'

This practice is the perfect complement to other styles of yoga and other forms of exercise! Holding deep stretches mostly in seated and floor postures for longer periods (accessing deep connective tissue, such as ligaments, tendons and fascia, with many of the poses focusing on areas encompassing a joint complex) to increase flexibility and suppleness and to help regulate the flow of energy in the body. A perfect way to bring balance to a busy life and stillness to your entire being.

* Suitable for new and experienced practitioners


'Life is a balance between what we can control and what we cannot...learning to live between effort and surrender.'

Blending two of our favourite styles of yoga into one practice: stimulating the muscles, blood flow and energy levels through the active, warming practice of Yang Yoga (Vinyasa Flow), and holding stretches that focus on deep connective tissue through the passive, cooling practice of Yin Yoga bring together the benefits and the bliss to be found in the balance between opposites.

​​* Suitable for new and experienced practitioners


‘Without a solid foundation, you'll have trouble creating anything of value.' 

This yoga-inspired medium-paced fusion of ancient and modern methodologies focuses on mindful movement, foundational alignment, building core strength, muscle tone, flexibility and stamina, incorporating breath control and relaxation practices, offering an hour on the mat like no other. 


* Suitable for new and experienced practitioners


'The quieter you become, the more you can hear.'

Props, such as bolsters, blocks and blankets, support your body in restorative poses allowing deep relaxation of the muscles and the mind. Holding long, comfortable stretches in shapes that quiet the sympathetic nervous system releases tension the body habitually holds, offering physical and mental rest and revival.

* Suitable for new and experienced practitioners


'The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts; it is to stop letting them control you.'

Also described as 'focusing the mind,' 'watching your thoughts,' 'being present,' and 'necessary solitude,' meditation is a 'brain-changing' experience that, when practised regularly, can become a life-changing one.

Yoga Nidra, (also known as 'yogic sleep') is a guided meditation, usually practised laying down, intended to induce the deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation to be found in the conscious space between wakefulness and dreaming. An effortless, soothing and recuperative practice of light sensory withdrawal (pratyahara) to help alleviate tensions that can block awareness and energy. 

* Suitable for new and experienced practitioners

* Classes run for 45 minutes

* Guided visualisation may also be facilitated


'Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.'

Fun, interactive and empowering yoga classes for big spirits in little bodies! Age-appropriate yoga poses, stories, games, music, breathing techniques and relaxation practices to help unearth the always accessible calm within, while developing healthy bodies and minds, boosting confidence, concentration, self-awareness and our connection with others and the world around us.

* Classes run for 45 minutes

* Term program consisting of weekly classes


'Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is about what you learn on the way down.'

Interactive, light-hearted yet empowering yoga classes for growing bodies, hearts and minds, including age-appropriate yoga poses, stories, music, group exercises and breathing and relaxation techniques, practised in a safe and supportive space enabling our young people to connect with Self and with others. Developing strength, coordination, posture, flexibility, self-confidence, concentration, inner calm and emotional awareness are some of the benefits our youth can receive from a regular yoga practice, helping them to grow and thrive on and off the mat.

* Term program consisting of weekly classes


'Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.'

Postnatal Yoga Classes where, although the focus is on Mum, the newest edition to your family is welcome to join us too!


Classes focusing on Mum during her postnatal months, while sharing time with other new mothers, is a wonderful way to nurture yourself physically, mentally and emotionally after the birth of your baby.


Mums & Bubs Yoga Classes will include practising poses that focus on:


  • Strengthening pelvic floor, abdomen and posture

  • Relaxing tension in the shoulders and neck

  • Strengthening and toning the legs and arms

  • Incorporating breathwork

  • Reducing fatigue

  • Increasing relaxation


Suited to Mums & Bubs 6 weeks after birth (8 weeks after a caesarian) up until bubs is actively crawling.

Bring along your good self, your baby, their nappy bag, a comfortable blanket to place next to your yoga mat to lay bubs on together with any toys they may like to play with.


Remembering that everyone in the class has a baby who will have different needs at different times, if your little one cries, needs a cuddle or needs to be fed or changed, although the goal is to give Mum as much yoga as possible, it is all an expected part of the class!


* Please check with your doctor before participating in an exercise program


* Outside our Unlimited Memberships, a Casual Class Pass or a 5 or 10 Class Pass is the recommended investment for our weekly Mums & Bubs classes

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